Mr. Richard O. Anderson, born in 1894, went to Bedford School in England. At the age of 18 he came to Montevideo where he taught English at the British Schools, Crandon Institute, Colegio Sagrado Corazón and Escuela y Liceo Elbio Fernández.
In 1933 he founded his Institute with only 33 students. By 1940 the Institute had become a bilingual lay school so they moved to a larger building.
At that time he gave up teaching and devoted himself to being the headmaster until his death on November 18th 1959, a date on which he is always remembered.
Some years later, due to its permanent growth, they moved to the building where the school still stands. Time passed and urged by the need of a pre-schoolers building a house was bought in the same neighbourhood where students aged two start their education.
The school has always considered sports important, thus a sports field, located in Route 101 km 24.500, was incorporated as a school facility.
Throughout its 80 years of existence Richard Anderson School has proved to be one of the most prestigious bilingual schools of our country.