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18 de Junio de 2013

 Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards in Uruguay
Tuesday 18 June 
We are pleased to acknowledge the success of all learners who passed Cambridge examinations during the 2012 examination series.  It gives us great pleasure to recognize the exceptional performance of those learners who have been awarded the highest marks in a subject.
Our awards recognize outstanding performance in Uruguay, except our ‘Top in the World’ award which acknowledges exceptional performance globally.
We congratulate learners who have been recognized for ‘High Achievement’ based on outstanding performance in subjects which are not so widely taken in Uruguay. 
Cambridge awards are calculated using strict criteria which operate to maintain high and consistent standards worldwide across all subjects and qualification levels.
Learners are eligible to receive awards if they have attained the highest standard marks in a subject, providing that the minimum grade and standard mark thresholds for the award category have been met.
Cambridge learners were eligible to gain awards in the following categories:
*Top in Uruguay for Cambridge IGCSE
*High Achievement in Cambridge IGCSE
*Best Across Seven Cambridge ICE subjects
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