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UK 2014 Grupo de viaje de alumnos de 4to año

27 de Julio de 2014

 Los alumnos de 4to año de Secundaria realizaron el tradicional viaje al Reino Unido, este año acompañados por la prof. Ana Laura Gandini  y el prof. Gabriel Feldman. Asistieron durante dos semanas a los cursos de Embassy Collage en Cambridge. También  visitaron Bath, Stonehenge, York, Edimburgo y Londres.
Compartimos con orgullo, la evaluación expedida por dicho centro de estudio, respecto de nuestros alumnos (correo electrónico enviado  por el Sr. Michael Ward, Regional Academic Director, Embassy English)

Dear Gabriel,
Thank you for your kind note. This summer has been a challenging one for us and so to receive positive feedback from a group that has a long history with us is a real bonus for the school. I have shared this with the team, who are delighted that your students had a positive experience. In terms of the students you bring, I am happy to repeat the content of our conversation. We are always delighted to welcome your group (and you!). They seem to me to be students with a high quality education. They are cultured and well-behaved. Most significantly, I noticed that they tend to have a high level of English when they come. This is supported by good study habits, which means that they contribute more in lessons and therefore benefit from an enriched experience. The teachers all made positive comments about their knowledge of English and their active participation in the lessons. So I have nothing but praise for the English instruction that they receive prior to their journey to Cambridge. We are also aware that they take every opportunity to take advantage of their time outside of the school day. I do not know where they find the energy! They are most similar to our Scandinavian students, who also seem to have a particular ability with languages! So, we are very happy to have welcomed your group and hope to have the opportunity to welcome you and your students in the future.

Best regards,

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