Secondary Education

Our syllabus has been issued according to the official requirements as our secondary school is authorized by the National Authorities of Secondary Education. In Spanish they start their Basic Secondary Education which runs for three years and they leave school after finishing their first year of baccalaureate.

As the school does in Primary Education it pays special attention to:

 a) Fostering the students’ independence.
 b) Building a trust-worthy atmosphere.
 c) Developing the students critical and creative thinking skills.
 d) Encouraging a fluent communication between the school staff , the family and the students.
 e) Supporting the students so that they can realize their full potential and be able to cope with all their International exams.
 f) Helping them to learn how to behave in a responsible way in all circumstances. Different activities are done in the process, e.g: Drama, camping trips, Maths Olympics and Sports.
 g) Understanding their strengths and weaknesses to support their learning and personal development.

Outings are also part of our programme as long as they contribute to the syllabus.

The school offers its secondary students the possibility of learning Portuguese as a foreign language. Its aim is to give them the chance of being able to develop the four basic communicative skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing).  
During the first three years of secondary school special emphasis is paid to speaking given the fact that phonetics might be a drawback.
Students sit for an International Exam. When they finish their third year they sit for the Caxias University exam for foreign students.